ps3 controllerAfter reading Abby Normal’s blog post earlier today, I decided that I needed a little break myself. I decided not to draw anything over the top today. I’ve been working nonstop all week and it’s finally Saturday dangit! So I decided to pick up that ps3 controller and get my game on for once xD!

Gosh, where do I even begin? Let’s just say that I have ALOT of Playstation 3 games that I’ve purchased and never even touched because I’ve been so busy with work (I’m moving in a couple months and I’m building a security net!) What i’ve been doing is purchasing a brand new game every couple of weeks or so and letting my sister play them for me instead.

Katamari Forever and Final Fantasy XIII-2 have been my latest additions to the system, and I haven’t been able to play either yet xD. My friends (other geeks and otakus) think I’m crazy for just buying games and never playing them. I wish they knew that I buy every game with the utter intention of playing them some day :p. Also, I find it amusing having my sister play with games of my choice anyway. She’s good at most of the games I buy and she has a lot of fun guessing what I’ll get next. It’s a win-win situation I guess :3.

On a final note, I wanted to throw in a few sites that I’ve been looking at lately. Other Artists who have intrigued me or made me laugh at some point. Thought i’d spread the love :3!

Angry and Mad Comics

1977 The Comic by W. Byron Wilkins (awesome web comic artist, I hope he updates soon xD)

Brom Art

Creative StubbleMonkey A.K.A Pete Batchelor

Robby and Bobby by Jason Poland

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