Day #178 Purple Jewel

So it’s the first day of September already and I kinda had a bad start today. I ate out somewhere last night and for the entire day, my stomach was aching horribly. I ate some chili fries, there goes one more thing i’ll have to scratch off of my diet :s....

Day #113 Drawing of a drawing (colored)

Late post here! I was deciding whether or not I should even post this today since I just got in a few hours ago :s. But here it is! This is the colored version of the drawing from last week. I’m really sleepy xD hehe I spent all of last night playing League of...

Day #112 Pearl Necklaces

Yet another random drawing for the blog. This drawing was also based on some objects that really exist in my house. I have a ton of costume jewelry laying around since I cosplay in my free time. I decided to bunch them all together and drape them over a chair in my...
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