Day #27 Random Drawing

So I made my first screen cast last night. It was actually of today’s drawing as a matter of fact. Surprisingly, It’s not hard at all to do xD! I’ll be doing them more often in the future ^^. You can find one of my drawing videos over at youtube. I...

Day #11 Cat Girl

Decided to sorta take it easy this weekend and go with something simple. Made this cat girl drawing way early this morning. I wanted to make something bright, happy and frilly this time around. One thing that I’ve begun to notice since I began posting art on...

Day #5 Circus Attraction Draft

As you already knew, I was at a party the previous night and didn’t get home until around 4pm today. However, I did manage to make a draft of a picture that I will complete by tomorrow. I thought you’d like to see what i’ve at least created so far. I...
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