ME3 JackOkay, so today’s blog drawing is not really an original drawing. It’s more of a fanart (I don’t see why I can’t do a fanart! I need to save my ideas for days where i’m not gonna be around xD!)

This is a really cool character that stuck with me during a game called Mass Effect 3 from Bioware. Her name is Jack and she is a really cool trash talking biotic character in the game. I know some  of you don’t play video games but I really felt the need to draw Jack. Her new design is just awesome xD. In the previous game, she was completely baled so I really enjoy the fact that she has hair.

This whole entire thing took about 4 or 5 hours mainly because I was trying to get the details down. Drawing was a sinch but painting it in Photoshop was a real pain Dx. The tattoos were the hardest and I still think I could have done them better. I am a big dork and have been following Mass Effect for quite some time now. ME3 is supposedly the final installment to the trilogy.

I realize that there is a huge controversy over the ending to Mass Effect 3. People are saying that the game is so awesome up until the last 15 minutes and I totally agree. 99% of the game is great up until the end x.x. It’s like, Why?!?!? Anyway, regardless of how the game ended, Jack is still one of my favorite characters in the series and I wish she got more screen time in the game.

I hope you guys like this drawing, whether you’re a gamer or not :3. This is my interpretation of the character Jack. Also on a side note, I’m currently working on a few tutorials for this week. I won’t be around much next week so they are all going to just pop up automatically next week. Well, have a good day guys :3.

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