Hey guys! So today’s drawing is just a little perspective on a future version of an already existing character. If you saw my Wendy post a while back, I drew this older version of her out of boredom. Once I finish up my current web comic DeadFingers, I was thinking of rewriting my very first web series before I started DF, “The Faction”.

Some of my fans said that I should start where I last left off but looking at The Faction now, i’m noticing a lot of things wrong with it and just overall, I am no longer happy with it at this point. Not to say that it’s complete garbage now, but just that i’ve grown and matured along the years and I feel like I want to go for a more mature approach to the story in the future.

I’m not really sure how far this story is going to go after DF and TF are complete, I really enjoy making this web comics so I’ll probably continue after they are over!

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