fire hydrant on side walkLately, I have been making a habit of taking simple, single object drawings and expanding on them more, like by drawing in a background at the last minute or throwing in more little elements here and there. A good example of this is the drawing in today’s post as well as the one I posted last week with the glowing mushroom in the forest. I guess there’s nothing wrong at all with adding more to an existing piece.

I’m sure this is done by A LOT of artists, probably every artist out there has done this at some point in their lives. But I’m not normally the type to recycle my own work like that I guess xD. I think I just got tired of posting boring art with no backgrounds in them. Heck, at one point, I only had time to post non detailed digital drawings with blank/white backgrounds. It started to get on my nerves I guess…

Anyway, I had a weird dream last night that kind of has a relation to the urban scenery behind the fire hydrant. I’ll probably write about my dream in tomorrow’s post. I promise I won’t forget! It was pretty vivid :3.

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