I wanted to start off today’s blog post by mentioning a couple of changes that have been deap sea sharkhappening with the blog these days. I’m actually getting some more viewers these days and it’s pretty exciting to say the least! I know that I was getting some new visitors to my blog before but I checked my site’s statistics on Google analytics everyday for the past 7 days and the blog has been receiving nearly 200 new visitors a day! Very awesome! I know this isn’t really a big deal for the most part, but it makes me happy :3! I’ve been blogging constantly since January of this year, I’ve had a lot of hope for I 365 Art obviously! I’ve created almost 236 posts to date, you can bet that I’ll be aiming for another 236 posts! :3 Just a day ago, I created this tutorial on drawing a shark. Since I liked the drawing so much, I decided to give it a background and some water bubbles. I don’t have too much more to say about this illustration besides the fact that it was created for a tutorial. 🙂

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