sunset desertAn illustration inspired by my web series DeadFingers. If you found a bit of time to read the comic, the story takes place in a post apocalyptic future (I decided to have the setting of the story take place in a desert as well.) The story is still developing and it updates 3 times a week at the moment.

To be honest here, this drawing is actually an older piece I created a couple years ago that I decided to add a little creative twist to. I made the colors more brighter than before and the sketch itself is a bit clearer as well. The only place that the original was posted at was over at my web series’ page a long while ago. It’s buried somewhere in the archives now.

On a side note, I am currently fighting a cold x.x. I absolutely HATE catching colds, it just sucks. I hate to lose control of myself for a week or so. It hasn’t seemed to have slowed me down much but it has been a bit miserable to say the least. :s

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