girl in lobbySo we went to go take a look at the apartments again today and turned in our applications for one of them. We’re currently filling out our other application for the second apartment. We’re hoping to get at least one of these places, I’m looking forward to just ending the search and relaxing at our new home xD! Looking for a place is a job in and of itself. We will find out by Monday or so if we are approved for the first place. Wish us luck!

About today’s pic, it’s not really a new one :S but it is still one of my favorites that I have not shared here on this blog. I have quite a bit of art that has yet to be posted here. I like to add only new things here but I still think this is worth sharing.

I drew this many, many years ago (well, about 4 years ago) and it’s one of the few illustrations that have still held up for a while. Most of my old stuff, I can’t even look at now without cringing and feeling¬†embarrassed xD. But not this one, I worked super hard on this one back when I made it.

I spent a lot of time on the outfit mainly. I wanted to give her a bit of a glam rock/punk look. It’s not quite something I would sport outside, just looks pretty to me :3 hehe.

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