comicThese are my favorite types of comic pages to be honest! All panels and no annoying speech bubbles/font etc. Not only that but it means less work required from me xD. Okay, I hope that doesn’t sound like i’m being lazy or flippant with my comics or anything, but less work on my end is good.

I’ve been adding more detail and brighter colors to my comic lately mainly because I am enjoying where the story is going right now. I am introducing a new character to the story at the moment and I feel she will be a very interesting addition to the cast.

If you remember my post from a few days ago, you’ll remember the character design I posted that day. I’m really excited to have made the first comic of the week with her in it. In case you guys have forgotten, you can find and read the entire comic DeadFingers Here if you’re interested in reading the current plot of the story. :3

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