haunted halloween cauldronSince it’s the weekend, I had a chance to finish up the cauldron drawing. I was busy viewing apartments yesterday so I wasn’t able to update the blog :s. I’ve also been washing me hands like crazy for the past day and a half since the stomach flu is spreading around my house.

I haven’t had the stomach flu since I was like 8 years old x.x. As a matter of fact, I haven’t had even as much as a cold in a couple years. Generally, I have a pretty tough immune system.  If luck is on my side, hopefully I won’t catch the stomach flu. Being sick really slows me down, that’s why I try my best not to get sick in the first place xD.

I tried to make the background in the illustration look somewhat dark and spooky. I wanted it to have a witchy/halloween atmosphere. The green brew was meant to look like the stuff that’s found in a witch’s cauldron. xD

I’m currently making a tutorial around this drawing that I will be posting to hubpages soon. I’ve really been on a roll with the hubs on that site and i’m really happy that I got back in to making hubs again. :]

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