cauldronThe weather here in California is so funny. Just last week, we were experiencing some record breaking heat over here. And starting yesterday, the temperature just dropped just like that. I’m not really complaining about the cold or anything because I have been anticipating it for a while, but I just hate how the weather just shifts so much over here xD.

The one great thing about the cold is that I find it easier to remedy than the heat. I can always lay underneath a warm blanket or turn on the heat when it’s cold and that will usually do the trick. But we’ve had the air conditioner blasting during the summer time and it still felt like the sun was melting us.

Anyway, I made this quick drawing of a boiling cauldron today. I didn’t have time to color it or anything, I just drew it and posted it as is xD. This week is certainly not looking up for me so far. :S Just so busy. xD

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