goblet sketchSo i’ve had a pretty busy weekend so far. I did manage to squeeze in a sketch of my latest drawing however. ­čÖé I’m planning on drawing a feast behind the goblet sometime in the future (turkey, fruit etc.) This is kind of like my goblet and champagne┬áillustration that I posted back in May but instead of having the goblet stuffed with various fruits, I want to draw it filled with wine in this version. And instead of a champagne bottle, I want to put a fancy table setting with a grand feast in the background. So although both drawings have their own similarities about them, they will be two different illustrations all together.

I only had time to make a sketch obviously since I had some things to do this weekend. Still hunting for an apartment with my boyfriend, we have about 9 weeks left to find something to move in to. All we’ve been able to find were studios, I’m not a big fan of studio apartments, as they are just not spacious enough :s. We’re looking for at least a 1 bedroom. Every time we find one, it’s always too far away. It’s really getting annoying now x.x…

Well it’s Saturday night, so I think instead of spending the night on my comp, i’m gonna watch t.v. for once. I rarely ever turn on the television to be honest. :s

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