trick or treat bucketSince I went a day without posting anything Halloweeny, I decided to post up this drawing I made a few days ago of a trick or treat jack o’ lantern candy bucket. I originally drew this for a hub that I started yesterday. I just liked how the drawing turned out and felt it was worthy of posting to the blog today :3.

Although i’m too old to go trick or treating these days (although I have been told that I pass for 15 or 16 still xD!) trick or treating still fascinates me to this day. Believe it or not, I wasn’t allowed to go trick or treating until I was 15 xD!!!My mom is a staunch Christian who thinks that Halloween is the devil’s day. I wasn’t allowed to celebrate Halloween until I was old enough to make my decisions. I kind of rebelled against my mom one day and went trick or treating for the first time with friends.

I’m not gonna lie, that was the most fun I had ever had in my life. I guess you could say that I like Halloween so much because I didn’t get to experience the fun factor of Halloween until later in life…I guess if you go long without something, you begin to obsess about it. :p

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