sky invasionI don’t usually like posting artwork from my web comic, but I must this time. The reason why I try not to make it a habit is because I feel like i’m cutting corners doing so (which i’m actually not because it still counts as daily art xD.

This is a panel from today’s page of my web comic. It’s my favorite panel in the whole page actually, I like drawing cities. I’m focusing on this panel because it’s what I would consider ‘the start of disastrous¬†events in the story. It will be a bit of an explanation for the events that too place in my previous story. I plan on rewriting/redrawing the first comic in the web series.

So, the real reason why I didn’t draw anything specifically for the blog was because I didn’t know what to draw to be honest :s. I guess you can say that i’m going through a little artist block right now xD. I hope that I can grab a hold of a little inspiration tomorrow at least.

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