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So I wasn’t sure if I was going to post the finished version of the background design I posted to the blog last week. Although I might make changes to this eventually, but I wanted to post the progress on this drawing since I spent quite a bit of time on this piece already.

The only thing I have a semi issue on in this drawing are the color of the drapes. I’m not quite sure if the color blue really fits in this scene. They were green at first but then that looked even weirder. I’m trying to set a romantic and luxurious theme and i’m not sure if blue is cutting it or not. I would have colored in the drapes red but I feel like there is more than enough “red” in the picture already!

On a side note, I really do like how the red on the spiral staircases came out. They’re like the stair steps to the interior of a royal castle or mansion. Also, I tried not to crowd the picture with unnecessary furniture, as it is meant to be the concept drawing for a stage in a game project I am working on, so there needs to be space for the characters to move around in.

All in all though, I think this came out pretty well to be honest with you :3. I might tweek the colors in the drawing a little bit in the future but for now, i’m planning to leave it as is. ^^

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