snow capsHi guys! I was wishing for some more cold weather again today so I decided to make a drawing of a wintery, snow capped mountains. I’m really happy with how the blue tones came out in this illustration and I might just add some little snow men or a ski lift or something in the future, who knows xD? Maybe I’ll add some stuff around December, like a Christmas theme or something.

I made this drawing around noon today before heading to a brand new sushi restaurant that opened up around my neighborhood not so long ago, called O Sushi. I’m a real sucker for some good sushi. It was a really nice restaurant, the food was great and the service was very nice!

Before I change the subject and start talking about sushi only, i’m gonna end it right here. Don’t forget to check out my art gallery that I just uploaded to the site. I’m still adding more art work to the galleries as well as more past art from months ago.

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