So I decided to take a little time off for myself today and just unwind. Last night was somewhat difficult for me and I ended up pulling an all nighter due to the commission load I faced yesterday. I’m happy to say that I’m gonna have the night to myself for once xD. Instead of staying home and working on art or my web comic, I’m gonna go have some fun tonight for once xD.

Going to hit up an all you can eat Korean BBQ restaurant tonight with my boyfriend. I haven’t had any K BBQ in at least a year, it’s a shame. Mainly because it’s usually very expensive (especially all you can eat!)

Today, all I gave myself time to draw were these slabs of Korean BBQ xD. It literally took like 10 minutes to draw this since it’s so small. I like the smoke effect that I was able to create digitally with Photoshop. Just a year ago, I wouldn’t have known how to make something even as simple as that xD.

On a side not, I got invited to do a renaissance fair photoshoot with my girls next month. At this time, I don’t have any renaissance cosplays in my closet, so i’m planning on sewing my own from scratch (probably be a wench or a peasant or something since they were most common back in those days!) I’ve never been to a renaissance fair before and i’m pretty darn excited about it.

Well, I’m logging off for today. I hope you guys like today’s blog art. I’m gonna try to take things easy tonight and try not to worry so much about stuff going on in my life :3.

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