cocktail dressI was feeling a little down in the dumps today for reasons unknown to me :s. And to be quite frank, I am still feeling a little sad/pathetic today. I do, however, like very pretty things though and cocktail dresses are no exception :3. I spent the afternoon drawing some cocktail dresses for fun, which kind of brightened up my mood a little bit.

The one posted up at the top is just one of designs I drew today. I often times ask myself ‘why didn’t I become a fashion designer instead?’ Mainly because I’ve enjoyed designing clothing (especially dresses) since I was in highschool.¬†Coincidentally, I also liked creating characters and writing stories just as much xD.

I messed with the colors on this dress a bit in Photoshop – Same dress, different colors!

blue dress

green dress

Kind of digging these last two actually, especially the green one. It’s so natury, I’d walk to streets in that dress xD.

I not only drew dresses and colored them in different colors, I also did some tinkering with Inkscape today as well. I’m still learning how to work with vector graphics on and off. I can’t seem to wrap my head around it completely, but i’m really going to dedicate some time and effort to learning how to create vectors for once in my life xD. I gotta make a commitment to this.

Anyway, this is what I came up with in the program after messing with it some. It didn’t turn

out as horrible as I thought it would be I’m guessing I’ll need more practice too :s. Anyway, here’s to a better day tomorrow :3!

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