red hair characterJust wanted to start off by saying that I’m soooo happy that I was able to post something today! Yay! Let me give you some background on today’s piece :3.

Ratchet is a female character I designed a few years ago for my old web comic The Faction. I no longer work on the comic anymore but I was thinking of doing a reboot on it after I finish DeadFingers in the near future. I decided I not only wanted to rewrite the comic but I also wanted to redesign all of the characters in it as well!

Naturally, I’m not really content with my old art work and I even shutter when I look at my old stuff from that comic xD. I think the comic had a lot of potential in my eyes and I’d like to do it justice by remaking the entire thing. I’ve been constantly evolving as an artist since I stopped working on The Faction and i’d like to make it continue I guess xD.

On a side note, today was kind of interesting. There was a slim possibility that I was going to go to a Vocaloid party with my boyfriend today but that didn’t really work out, so I’m most likely going to take it easy this Saturday.

For anyone who doesn’t know what Vocaloid is, it’s basically an anime based around a digital Japanese Pop star named Hatsune Miku. She’s not a real person but she’s very popular among the Otaku community. She’s even has concert tours!

Anyway, that’s basically been my day so far. I hope everyone’s day is going good as well :3.


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