Firstly, I wanted to mention how awesome it is to be back in the swing of creating art for the blog again! I knew I had it in me to draw again for the blog but I was kind of lacking drive for a little while. I was going through a lot of ups and downs emotionally and health wise and i’m glad that is all on its way to mending itself. It’s safe to say that i’m back now. šŸ™‚

Today’s drawing is actually an illustration I made for my webcomic DeadFingers. It was my way of moving the story along I guess. If you haven’t read that comic, please be sure to check that out some time :3.

I tried toĀ incorporate a romantic evening look to the image. It’s not really one of my best but considering this only took about an hour to make. Also on a side note, i’m in a really weird mood these days. I’m in a ‘I wanna make a video game’ mood xD. As some of you may know, I’m going to school for webdesign and programming. So naturally, I jump in to one of those kinds of moods every now and then xD.

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to craft out an adventure of my own. The more I studied in school, the more I realized how difficult it would be to do on my own. To make an awesome game, it requires a team of people and then some xD. I do have to admit that I am working on a small video game project with friends and friends of friends in my spare time. I am one of the concept artists for the team. Of course, I’m really hoping our project will turn in to something great but again, we only do this in our free time. We’re all either in college, work or both xD.

Before I go on a longĀ tirade, I better end it here. I hope you all have a fantastic Friday and be safe :3!

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