swamp mountainSo good news! My health is improving with a change in diet recommended to me. I’ve cut out most fruits (the citric ones) and cut out soda completely. I feel pretty good today, it’s really awesome! I feel like me again :3.

So I finally got around to coloring the previous Nightmare Mountain sketch I started a few days ago. It looks more like a swamp or a marsh in this colored version of the illustration though. I do like how it turned out though xD. It looks like a super imaginative place that doesn’t know what it wants to look like. It’s got dull colors, bright, purply colors for the sky and different shades of red on the ground. On the other hand, during my recovery time, I was playing a lot of video games, so maybe that’s why it turned out the way it did. It reminds of the backdrops in some of the old ps1 games of the 90s :3. Hehehe!

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