sushi sketchYay! More food! Right xD? Today, I present you with a sketch of one of my all time favorite foods. Sushi! I love most types of sushi and can eat dozens of rolls before getting full xD. When I can afford to, I go to this really awesome Japanese restaurant where they offer all you can ear sushi, as well as other menu items as well.

I don’t know. Not only do I think sushi is very delicious, but I just like the appearance of the stuff xD. Each type of roll comes in a different shape, size, color and flavor. I was raised in a family where sushi was rarely ever served. I was the only sibling in my family who was fond of seafood, more specifically raw seafood.

I can’t wait to start coloring this sketch. I’m very pleased with how the sketch turned out. I’m rarely ever pleased with sketches but hey. It’s sushi! :3

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