flapjacksThis is literally a sketch of some flapjack pancakes  I drew yesterday. I wanted to color them by today but I had some other things I needed to take care of so I didn’t have the time xD. Anyway, like I said a few days ago, this is food week for me xD. I think I wanna start doing weekly themes for the blog :3. So it’s food art week this week, next week, not so sure…

Maybe since it’s summer, I should do something along those lines? Or maybe draw things not related to summer at all? Like maybe I can post clothing designs or something? Or nature animals? No idea xD! I won’t be around this weekend to really think about what kind of art I should be posting on the blog next week, I’ll probably just get spontaneous and make drawings on the first theme that comes to my mind (like always!)

I’m totally craving some pancakes right now by the way x.x. Food cravings ftw! Also, I just wanted to mention that I have a commissions page on this site for anyone interested in having a simple commission completed. I rarely ever advertise my commissions page but I think it’s high time I do :).

[purchase_link id=”3149″ style=”button” color=”blue” text=”Flapjack Pancakes Coloring Page” direct=”true”]

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