ocean girlSo i’ve been feeling somewhat ashamed these days, namely because I haven’t been focusing on the blog as much as I used to. I remember when I used to post fully colored stuff every single day. And now, i’ve kind of slowed down I guess…

Then there have been times where I haven’t posted anything at all for the day. I’m working on changing that, since I really would like to start meeting my daily quota everyday again.

So this is a sketch that I started on last night. Yup. Just a sketch xD. Today though, I started drawing a bunch of different images to present in the blog this week since I’m feeling inspired again all of a sudden xD. I think i’m getting my artistic flavor again or something :s.

Speaking of which, I just realized now that I haven’t been feeling as artsy as usual until now x.x. Man, where have I been?


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