grass fieldI first wanted to start off by saying that I have a HORRIBLE stomach ache today x.x Not sure if it was something I ate last night or what, but it all started way late last night out of the blue. I’ve been taking a few extra trips to the bathroom this afternoon and it’s starting to get to me now x.x. I really would like to focus on more important things but my stomach is driving me completely up the wall right now!

In the midst of my stomach problems however, I managed to come up with my latest masterpiece which is that of some random grasslands. I missed drawing backgrounds and landscapes :3. I think aside from beaches, grasslands are some of my most favorite things to draw. I can always imaging myself sleeping in the grass (I hope there aren’t any tics in the grass!)

I also managed to color this in photoshop today. I’m tired of posting just sketches and stuff :s. I’m really happy I got to post an actual completed picture for once :3. Anyway, i’m gonna stock up on some water in hopes that my stomach problems will clear up soon.

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