golden bellFinally, I have gotten around to coloring the giant bell from the other day. I feel as though I have really been slacking on art lately. I just finished my classes and am officially on summer break (yes!) Maybe I can redeem myself this summer finally :s…I’m a bit ashamed of myself right now xD.

Since it is the very first day of June, I kinda had a feeling that this illustration was appropriate for today. I’m not really a religious person or anything, but I’ve always had a fascination with church bells and bells period. Never understood why but this rings true even for today (no pun intended!)

They come in different shapes and sizes and ever since I was a kid, I always had an artistic eye I guess. Anyway, I’m just somewhat relieved to have been able to update the blog today. I’m at my boyfriend’s place right now and surprisingly, I focus a lot better over here for reasons beyond me. Back at home, I have cats and family that distract me I guess :s lol.

Have a great first day of June everyone :3!

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