Large BellMan, it’s hot over here! It’s gotta be at least 100 degrees or something. I feel miserable right now because of this heat xD! I like warm weather, but there comes a time where it just because overbearing!

I went shopping for small bells today for a future project I will be working on, so I kinda had bells on the brain. I decided for today’s drawing, I would sketch out a large bell, since nothing else very interesting happened today besides that. I overslept as well so i’m already on a late start :S.

I also just realized that I have a lot of backed up sketches that I still need to color from the past few blog posts, such as the Black Swan sketch and the scepter I made a while ago. I’ve been really busy in the real world this week so I haven’t had the free time I wanted yet :s. Also, have been very busy catching up on commissions and such as well.

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