month of maySo what can I really say? It’s May 1st, which marks the 100 day anniversary of I 365 Art! (Well, sorta. I kinda missed a day last month :s.) For the first day of May, I decided to draw a picture that fit the theme well. When I think of May, I think flowers blossoming.

I drew a picture of a bunch of tulips standing up in the sun filled grass. I don’t know what it is, but something about tulips fascinate me. It might be because of the way they open up. Not sure xD! I was going to draw some sunflowers and dandelions in the picture as well but when I tried to, they just didn’t fit right I guess :x.

This took a little over an hour to make. This includes the drawing process and the digital painting in Photoshop. Other than that, have a happy first day of May everyone! 😀

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