Random drawing of girl with long hairNot sure what to make of today’s drawing xD I drew this sketch in the middle of the night yesterday and I’m not quite sure what to make of it. I had been watching a few scary movies the previous day (which my explain the elongated, sharp fingers.)

She looks a little weird to me right now. Hopefully, I can fix the awkwardness of this sketch tonight. I plan to add some color to this in Photoshop later today (if time permits it!) I also might fix her arms some too. I didn’t catch it last night while I was drawing this but I see it now today. Her arms look a little weird to me :s.

In other news, I have a minor UTI that I’m trying to kick with meds. I haven’t had one of these since childhood, it came on so suddenly Dx. They are so uncomfortable and are a huge inconvenience. Lots of water and lots of cranberry juice. I think that does the trick too!

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