croissant drawingToday, I give you a drawing of a yummy looking croissant. Food again, yay! xD My stomach was growling like crazy while I was drawing this actually xD. This croissant drawing was originally created for a tutorial I made a couple days ago.

I was kind of having a rough day yesterday. I don’t usually talk about my personal life on this blog, since I was sort of raised by my parents to not run around and vent my problems toward the world. So because of this, I always feel like it’s unnecessary to get in to the details of the negative crap that happens in my life. I feel this sense of ‘nagging’ whenever I vent my problems out to different people, can’t explain why…

Anyway, I’d like to make some more drawings and tutorials this week. I got through my homework for the week and now I feel confident that I can get more work done on the blog.  :3

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