GownAs you all may know, I reached 90 posts yesterday! In another 9 posts, I 365 Art will be 100 days old! This is exciting xD. It’s been a long time since I’ve stuck to something continually for nearly 100 days. I’m really surprised that I haven’t fallen off the posting wagon yet :3.

Today, I drew up this design of a gown. I was thinking of making a pretty gown all day Friday, and it HAD to be blue. A deep blue. There’s just something about the color blue on a fancy gown :S.

This design concept didn’t really take long. I do admit that I did look through a few fashion magazines before I came up with this concept. It’s kinda hard to create something spectacular on your own, you know.

Anyway, you guys might not have known this but I wanted to be a fashion designer back in high school. My best friend Diana and I wanted to come up with a fashion design company and become rich and famous someday. We were gonna call it Dimarie (don’t ask why!) of course after graduation, we lost touch and our idea never really turned in to anything. Later down the road, I kind of was glad that I didn’t become a fashion designer. It’s not something I would enjoy doing for a living. I am okay with designing stuff for fun sometimes though :3.

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