elf girlI hope you guys liked yesterday’s blog post! Today, I actually took some time out today to make something new for a change. I haven’t drawn any people in a while so I thought to draw one early this morning. It’s not a very large picture but I am kind of happy with how it turned out in the end :3.

I wanted to draw at least up to the shoulders but I also wanted to keep it a mystery by concealing her face a little bit. This drawing itself isn’t really what took much time. I actually colored this during the afternoon and it only took me about an hour at most ^^.

Like I said before, I hope that i’ll be able to create some more detailed drawings by next week. This week was a little crazy (in a good and bad way) :s. For one, I just bought a new phone (a smartphone. My phone needed a serious upgrade) and I kinda became addicted to that for a couple days xD. I think the excitement has just left my system. Now I can focus a little better xD.

I’m also working on a couple of tutorials I can post to the site soon, so keep an eye on those as well. 🙂

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