red tomatoFor today’s daily drawing, I decided to modify a tomato drawing I made a couple of nights ago. This tomato was originally used for a how to hub I posted up yesterday. I haven’t made a drawing hub in a couple of months so I thought i’d go back to doing those regularly again. They’re fun! I don’t know why I stopped xD!

All I did was add a wooden table and a dark background to the original drawing. I wasn’t sitting well with just a blank background xD, heheh! I decided that I wanted to turn a simple painting of a tomato in to something more! No really, I actually did this because I didn’t have time to work on some of my bigger illustrations :s. Adding a the round table and black background barely took like 15 minutes xD!

Not sure if I mentioned this yet or not, but I have a new tutorial up! It is based off of the genie lamp sketch  I made a while back. I found some time a few days ago to finally begin painting it, so I ended up making a step by step tutorial around it :3. Be sure to check that out guys if that’s something you’re interested! Toodles!

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