chest full of treasureThis is a recent drawing that I am working on right now! I’ve already started airbrushing it and I will most likely post it while I’m away this weekend. I forgot to mention that I will be semi-absent for about a week due to me and my boyfriend spending Spring break together. I’ll probably be online occasionally during that time to get some work down but from what I can see, I will be enjoying my break most of the time.

However, regardless of whether or not I am here, the I 365 Art blog will still be updated with daily drawings for the entire duration of my possible absence. I prepared for this like a boss so I have a ton of art to show you all during my break :3! This break has been a long anticipated one and I would like to kick back and enjoy my free time for once! As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, I am still mega burned out! I guess the burn out was worth it. People are still talking about the Jack drawing  over at Facebook and Deviant Art. Sweet!

As I mentioned above, I have already started doing some painting on this and the finished version of this will probably appear tomorrow. Not sure if I’ll be adding more tutorials within that time or not

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