Yellow bananaSo I decided I was gonna go to a card show with my sister and dad today. I’m still really pooped after yesterday’s art blog post of Jack from Mass Effect 3. That took out a lot from me, seriously x.x. Probably one of the most detailed drawing I’ve ever made aside from the “Possession” illustration I made a few days ago.

I wanna start including more detailed art work on the blog. Not just that but I am seriously learning everything I wanted to learn about Photoshop as well. Ever since I started this blog, I have been making progress on my art skills ever since. It’s amazing really!

So anyway…Not much to see here today. If you didn’t already, you should check  out the Jack fan art I posted yesterday. I worked really, really hard on it so I want to get it seen by as many people as possible :3. Other than that, have a banana!

Since I didn’t really feel

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