possessed girlI have no idea what to make of today’s daily drawing. I guess you could say that I’ve been watching too many scary movies these days. It’s not even Halloween and I’m already pumping out creepy stuff xD. Halloween is hands down, my favorite time of year. Just you wait until October comes. I’ll be drawing werewolves and jack o’ lanterns and Frankenstein that entire month xD.

So seriously. I got the idea to make this drawing last night when I was reminiscing on an old playstion 1 game known as Thousand Arms. The game is an old dinosaur from the late 90s’ that I picked up back in 6th grade at a toy store. There was a girl monster in the game that was wearing a night gown and was seemingly possessed. She also had a floating teddy bear too (I think!).

Notice I drew the teddy bear super evil looking in the illustration. One thing I might change about this is the girl’s facial expression. Not sure if I want her to have razor sharp teeth/crazy smile in the picture. I might go for a more sinister/serious look in the future. But anyway, I can’t wait to start painting on this! I’ve been learning new techniques in Photoshop lately and I can’t wait to try out my latest learned technique on this sketch.

As you know, I got my creative mojo back today, and I feel like I can take on the world and draw something new everyday now! We’ll see xD. Also, be sure to check out my latest palm tree tutorial. I guarantee you, it will be the polar opposite of today’s blog part art xD.

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