Knight in shining armorI decided I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone this weekend and work on a brilliant knight in shining armor! Surprisingly, this is a drawing that I am pretty happy with! I didn’t use a lot of references, as I used to play mmorpgs like Ultima and Final Fantasy (Yess! Nerdom paid off!) and I used to browse the shops for armor for literally HOURS!

This may be a little strange but I always like to play tough, knightly characters in games. Many people assume that females who play games are only in to playing as mages or priests (which is partly true a lot of the time.) Whenever I played with my female friends, 8/10 times, they would usually roll a caster class, or a healer. I’m not sure why this is o.O. I make a horrible caster, being a warrior or paladin or something where I have to protect a bunch of people. That’s where I’m at!

Enough of the nerd rant I guess xD. I do plan on painting this knight in Photoshop hopefully by tonight. The drawing itself took no longer than an hour and I really enjoyed making it. Hopefully by tomorrow, I’ll have this completed and ready to post to the blog. I feel a lot better today and I feel pretty hopeful so far.

Also, don’t mean to sound like a broken record but If you’re interested, you should take a look at the new tutorials I have published on I 365 Art. They are specifically geared towards newbies who want to learn to draw in a cartoon style. Please be sure to check that out! Take care everyone :3!

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