daggerWell, I couldn’t come up with an inspirational art drawing today. Since I do draw everyday anyway, I thought I’d plug in my new art  tutorial to the blog instead on how to draw a dagger in Photoshop. It’s not really anything special but I’m starting off  doing easy art tutorials for now. I’ll probably start taking requests eventually as well since a few people expressed their liking to my tutorials, which is awesome!

Also I forgot to mention something about the tutorials. They are made for Photoshop but they can also be done without Photoshop as well. I wanted to make them paper and pencil compatible as well since I don’t like to limit people. I think sometime in the future, I’ll start to post up more difficult art tutorials. I might even include a star system on the outside of the tutorial to let people know the difficulty of any given tutorials. Just a thought!

Once again, you can find the latest tutorials by visiting the tutorials page. Will be back tomorrow with a new drawing!


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