Moonlight fairySo as I promised, I finished the moon light fairy today finally! Painting the colors in Photoshop took all night, since I spent most of my day with homework yesterday x.x. I’m surprised I was able to find the time to get this finished since I had a million things to do Dx.

I think the hardest part of this drawing was the dress. I struggled a lot with it because I was sort of contemplating whether or not to make it more of a blue or purple  shade. So I sort of combined both in the dress. But I suppose that the painting could have turned out to be a bit more satisfactory if I had more than a couple hours to do these heheh.

My favorite parts of this digital painting was probably the hair and the lake in the background. The hair is not as realistic as I wanted it to be but I sure did enjoy working on the strands if you can’t tell. I sorta went crazy there! And for the water, I basically just used a bunch of different blue shades from dark to light to create the effect.

Other than that, I think that is all for today. I have soooo much to get done by tomorrow so yeah :x. Also, keep an eye out for tutorials, I might add another one today if I have the time.  See you all tomorrow!

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