legs and stockingsFirst day of march! February seemed to have gone by as quickly as it came. It is a leap year after all though. To start off the month, I wanted to draw something pink!

The legs look a little funny to me :S. I was attempting to make the feet look sort of pigeon toed but now it just looks like she wants to pee xD. This drawing only took about an hour and 3 minutes to make in Photoshop.

For the drawing, I basically hand drew this one and inked over the drawing in Photoshop.The stockings were the hardest part. I kept having to have to adjust the colors over and over again because it looked to bright at first. Painting didn’t take anytime at all and I even slapped on a filter effect in the background. Yes, I rushed xD.

If you don’t know, I like the color pink! I’m not afraid to admit that I enjoy the girly things in life. I guess you could say that I’m a bit of a “girly girl”, whatever that’s supposed to mean :/.

I do participate in traditionally “tomboy” activities such as gaming, computer programming and science. I am also somewhat of a minimalist and I prefer staying home, playing Age of Empires over going shopping or hanging out at the mall. And I just so happen to love the color pink!

To be frank, I don’t really like to slap labels on myself or anything. From what I can see, all labels do is cause unnecessary separation. I think people as a whole are just naturally prone to associating themselves with a certain group.  It’s just human nature to want to be accepted by people. But why do we need to have the approval of others?

I don’t really feel like going on a long rant today so I’ll save the rest of this topic for another time I guess x.x.

As always, don’t forget that there are some new tutorials up on the blog. Please check them out to see what they are all about ^^.

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