Bowman drawingLast night while I was making this drawing, I had to have gone through over a dozen different references before I came up with this. I was originally going to draw in the entire bow and arrow in this drawing but I got tired xD heheh!

This took a little over 2 hours to draw in photoshop and paint digitally. I haven’t drawn a male character in a while so I thought I’d make one today. A somewhat muscly male at that! I’ve always had a fascination with bows and arrows and the likes! Of course, you won’t catch me at an archery range in a million years! I’m afraid all the potential stray arrows, just no way xD I’m a wuss when it comes to that sort of thing!

So last night, I got this other idea about what I want to ultimately do with the blog in the near future. I’m thinking of just hosting my drawing tutorials here. Not only will there be no limitations on my end, but just so they will be more easily accessible and so people won’t have to leave the website just to see them. I don’t know about anyone else but I think that’s a better plan than what I’ve currently been following previously xD.

Anyway, I’ll be updating I 365 Art within the course of a few days so don’t be startled if you notice a ton of changes in your next visit :p.

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