how-to-draw-a-faceThis drawing was originally made for a drawing tutorial that I made yesterday. The blue hair was a little bit rushed. The original drawing, the character is bald as you can see in the tutorial xD. I am having a very busy weekend. I wanted to be able to relax but that doesn’t look like its gonna happen this time :S.

In case no one knows yet, I am trying to compile a series of tutorials on this website. I like to help people to learn at the very least, the basics of drawing objects and people. I know I’m not the best at explaining instructions but I’m trying to get better at it. I try to make my tutorials as easy to understand as possible. I’m not really the type to go on and on with long explanations and I try to keep things short and simple.

Feel free to check out the tutorials I posted on the resources section of the blog. Let me know if you think I made them too complicated or what not xD.

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