female digital paintingToday is Friday so I felt completely lazy and decided to post this digital drawing of a practice painting I made. It’s not all that great I know xD. I’m currently exploring different painting techniques. I made this painting  last night real quick so I didn’t have a lot of time to work on it more. Loaded with homework and commissions x.x…I am still somehow keeping up with drawings everyday regardless of my insane schedule. Sleep is now a luxury to me, that’s for sure.

Firstly, I wanted to start out by giving mention to a new art blog I discovered yesterday. It’s called The art and tree chatter of aquariann. Not only is this Aquariann lady an artist, but she appears to be in to crafts as well. That in my book just spells creativity! Anyway, I was checking out her blog and really enjoyed what she had on there. I also think that her site is really pretty and nature-ish. I thought it might be something that visitors to this blog might like as it relates to arts and crafts. That and she just has a pretty neat style :3.

As you can see, I also included the color palette that I used to paint with. I rarely ever keep the palette in my paintings but I thought I’d base it around today’s discussion!

never, ever used color palettes until maybe a few months ago. Iused to just blindly paint a drawing and continue to add on colors. Not until recent years did I ever discover the importance of keeping the colors you used handy, in case you need to add a little more of something here and there. I didn’t realize until a few months ago that digital painting is really not extremely different from traditional painting. Well, except for the digital factor. xD Okay, so there is a difference, my bad!

Obviously, digital is a lot more flexible than using oil paints for instance. For example, you can easily fix a big booboo in Photoshop with no problem. Whereas if you are going the traditional route, you’ll have to paint over the mistake until it looks satisfactory. At least this was my experience in traditional painting. I don’t know, maybe I just suck . I do want to take up painting again some day, maybe during the summer when I have more time :).

Also, just thought i’d throw in that if you like the blog, please subscribe to the RSS Feed! Feel free to digg, stumble, reddit or whatever you want to the blog xD.

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