Desert landscape drawingGot a new blog post today, this time with an art drawing of a dried out desert. I love the desert, so I decided to make some art work illustrating one! I live in California, which is basically a giant desert. Warm weather is my thing so I’m kind of glad I live here x.x I get cold very easily. 70 degree weather is cold to me!

So anyway, since the subject presented itself in a strange way, I wanted to talk about how drawing everyday has sort of kept me from losing it these days. My schedule is really crazy right now and although I do have to take time out of my day to draw, I draw during my resting periods.

I see art as sort of an outlet to get away from the rustle and bustle of everyday life. It’s kind of a stress reliever for me actually. In fact, blogging in general is a stress reliever if its something you like to do I guess. So yea, I just thought I’d get that out there!

A little bit more background on the drawing. It took about an hour and half to make this in digitally in photoshop. I did use several references to base the drawing off of but the concept is basically original.

Also once again, I have added some more tutorials to the resources section of the blog. Also, don’t forget that there are prints available as well. There will be more merchandise available pretty soon as well so keep checking back!

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