Jungle Girl DrawingPhew! I got about 90% of my homework done for this week early this morning! Woohoo! That gives me more time to work on some more new art for the blog xD. I’m actually really glad I did considering how much time I spent on this drawing alone ^^; Hehehe. I implemented a different coloring style with this art drawing that I might work with some more :3.

This drawing was based on a quick sketch that I made while in the hospital last week. I never got to finish the sketch there so when I took it back home,  I worked on it some more during the weekend. In this Illustration, it is simply of a cat girl (cat girls ftw!) standing in the high jungles. I drew in a bunch of jungle ropes to make it look kinds of crazy xD!

This took about 5 hours total to make. If I had more time to make my digital drawings, I could actually make something that looked pretty realistic xD. But I have school and work, since I love drawing so much, I try to find that time for it even when I know full well I don’t have the time :s. As artists, even if we’re doing a million and one things with our time always find time for what we love, which is art!

Just thought I’d throw in some more things as well. I just wanted to plug in some fantastic art blogs of those who follow I 365 Art. I put these in the Stuff I like category on this blog but in case you overlooked it, I’ll post them here! Jam of Jam’s Art Blog. She posts really awesome sketches of anime characters on her blog. Go ahead and mosey over there when you have the time.

Abby of Abby Normal! She is an artist with a really nice slice-of-life blog with a weekly art drawing every Friday. Please do send her some love by checking out her blog :3.

And last but not least, TJ Bruno of A Look In A Creative Mind. She has a beautiful, beautiful blog with various paintings made by her. She also has an Etsy shop as well that is filled with merchandise with her lovely art on it. Please support her blog and her work!

Also, I am constantly updating the resources of I 365 Art! Be sure to keep checking back ^^. Toodles!

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