Happy Friday everyone! Here is a drawing I came up with while I was at the hospital this past Wednesday. I wanna say that it’s the side view of a castle with a large scenery in front of it I guess O.o…This was just a random doodle that turned in to this xD.

Speaking of random doodling, is there anyone else out there who turns their doodles in to masterpieces? Or do most artists set out to draw a masterpiece? This may sound sad but I’ve never made a single piece of art that I would consider a ‘masterpiece’ x.x.

Now that I’m semi on the topic (ADD much x.x!) What do people consider good art? What is good art? I’m still somewhat dwelling on Wednesday’s topic sorta. For another artist to want you to change your style all together, they obviously don’t that you have ‘good art’. But then when some random Joe Shmow comes along and thinks your art is amazing and wants to buy art work from you! WTF?

Or how about this? Everyone in your circle thinks your art is ‘good’ but then some random person you’ve never even met before says your art is not ‘good’. Or how about this? You actually own a business and make money through commissions every single day of the year and then some random artist comes up to you and says your art is ‘not good enough’?

Frankly, at this point, I don’t really care if someone criticizes my work. From what I’ve seen, most artists really could care less what others have to say about their work. But I know many artists who are really passionate about their work and when someone comes up and tells them their creations are ‘bad’, they won’t brush it off so easily. That’s what’s bothering me right now x.x.

I’ve seen so many artists on Deviant Art especially have their artwork bashed down on and have someone tell them that their art ‘sucks’ or is ‘bad’. I know most of this is just mindless trolololololing but still? It’s really messed up.

I’ve been drawing seriously for close to 12 years so I’ve developed a really thick skin to that kind of stuff after all these years. I know someone is always gonna tell me my art work is ‘not good enough’ and all that, and that’s fine with me. As far as I’m concerned, I’m not the one who took the time to write about how ‘bad’ someone else’s drawings are. I have better things to do with my time and that folks, is a waste of time in my book xD.

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