Dolphin Drawing

Before I go in to the details of this drawing in today’s post, I just wanna start out by saying Happy Valentine’s day! I hope those of you celebrating it really enjoy your day today :D! Of course, those of us who go to school and people who work most likely see this as just another day :S.

Also, I just wanted to announce that I have posted another drawing video! I really like how the first few turned out, and I think it’s just a lot of fun xD. You can find it over at Youtube, along with some of my other art work videos. There’s not many right now but I think I’m gonna start making these videos on a regular basis. I’ll throw in some tutorial videos too in the future ^^.

So on to the drawing! I was watching some National Geographic episodes and I saw one about dolphins, you can only imagine what happened next xD. I just started drawing and here is what I came up with. For some odd reason, I like how coral looks underwater. Every time I draw an underwater scene, there has to be some coral or other ocean life in the drawing,  heeheehee!

The amount of time it took me to draw and color this in Photoshop was about 2 hours tops. I wasn’t keeping track but two shows ended by the time I was finished with it :p.

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