Punker drawingToday is my weekend off in a while! Really looking forward to having some fun this weekend. I had to sew up a few pieces to a costume I am planning to wear on Saturday. In case no one knew, I am an avid cosplayer in my free, free time. I am also a seamstress and I make all of my costumes myself. One of these days, I’ll have to post some pictures of the costumes I have made in the past.

Since I won’t be around until Saturday night, I decided to pre-draw today’s drawing and tomorrow’s drawing so I won’t have to worry them xD. I hope you guys like the art work I made for the two days and I will try to reply back to comments when I return on Saturday ^^.

This drawing was a really simple one that took very little effort. I drew it last night and since I was tired, I didn’t feel like taking the time to create something extravagant. It barely took me about an hour and half to draw and color this and the most difficult part about it was the hair. I was too tired to draw in each and every strand so I sort of just half assed it a little xD. Just wanted to get the job done.

Not sure where I got the inspiration from. I was looking through pictures of princesses and I liked how a girl was posing so I tried to make a drawing with a similar pose with her hair blowing in the wind. Like I said, not much thought compared to what I’m used to!

Anyhow-have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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