caterpillar drawingI took a test today for my Introduction to JavaScript class and passed it with flying colors! So far, JavaScript has been really easy since I have a lot of previous experience with html and css. I know it is only the end of the first week but I’ve looked through my textbooks and both of my classes seem pretty straight forward from what I can see.

I’m really excited about the weekend! Going to hang out with my boyfriend and go to the beach on Saturday. I’m really looking forward to taking a break since this week has been one of the busiest I have seen in a long time! So I’m looking forward to cooling my heels for once xD. Surprisingly, I still had time to produce art work this week regardless of trying to adjust to this new schedule.

Today’s drawing is centered around a caterpillar walking across a branch. When I was finished drawing this last night, I began coloring it immediately. When I initially got to coloring the body in Photoshop, it closely  resembled a watermelon. To make it look less like a watermelon with the hot pink and green, I added some yellow dots on the body as well.

This whole drawing only took about 2 hours to make, including the time to color it in. I got some references for drawing this by looking at various photographs of caterpillars and I decided to make a caterpillar with these funky colors xD.

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